Raja Ranguski

21 Sep

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Raja Ranguski 2018 Full Movie Download

Genres: Mystery
Director: Dharani Dharan
Writer: Dharani Dharan
Stars: Shirish, Chandini, Kalloori Vinoth
Official Sites: Raja Ranguski Wikipedia
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Runtime: 120 min
Release Date: 21 September 2018 (India)
Raja Ranguski – A crime thriller movie with lead actors Metro shrish(Raja) and Chandini(Ranguski). Movie starts slowly with character introduction and love blossoming between Raja and Ranguski. In half an hour’s time, a murder happens and asusual hero is a main suspect from police angel.

Main success of murder mystery genre is that director keeps us guessing who is the murderer till the very end of the movie and did the director do this? A BIG YES!
The director keeps us engaged in the story and gets us involved in solving the mystery or at least keeps us guessing who would the murderer.


Raja Ranguski 2018 Full Movie Download

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