28 Feb

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Download Logan 2017 Full Movie

Genre: Action, DramaScience Fiction
Director: James Mangold
Writers: David James Kelly, Michael Green
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Boyd Holbrook, Doris Morgado
Country: USA
Language: English

Logan is latest Hollywood Sci fi and Action movie.Logan movie is based on character from X-Men Series.Here Logan is shown in aged version.The events shown in the film occurs after the X-Men: Days of Future Past.The film is rated R for its violence scenes.

The world has changed a lot and Logan’s healing power is getting slow day by day.Shot in distant future,the year is 2044.X Men has lost and and organization under the control of Nathaniel Essex is destroying the world.Mutants are vanishing and their powers are also fading away.Professor Charles Xavier is still there and he comes to know about a young girl Laura Kinney, who is a clone of Wolverine.Nathaniel Essex wants this girl that will help him in various way in his war against humanity.Professor Charles Xavier convinces Logan to help him save this girl and save the humanity as a goal of X Men.

Estimated budget for the movie is set around $127,000,000.Whole movie has been filmed in New Mexico and Louisiana cities of USA by production companies Donners’ Company, Marvel Entertainment and TSG Entertainment.Patrick Stewart will be seen as Professor X for the last time in the movie.Also,this will be the Hugh Jackman’s last movie as Wolverine.We can also get to see Liev Schreiber in the role of Victor Creed/Sabertooth. Hugh Jackman and Richard E. Grant are working together in the movie,who have been part of Dracula movies in common.Lauren Shuler Donner,Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker are the producers here.Cliff Martinez has composed the music.Distribution rights are with the 20th Century Fox film company.

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Download Logan 2017 Full Movie

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